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What is Rabadaba?

What is Rabadaba? 

If you would like to join:

Rabadaba is a social site geared toward photography and art. A site where you can upload and share your original photos or photos of your original artwork so others who are like minded can view your work, enjoy it, comment and share it to their own page. 
 Rabadaba pays users "money" in "rabs", that's the term of their monetization system. When I joined, you only needed 10,000 rabs to earn $10 U.S. but Rabadaba made major changes around December 2016. Rabadaba changed the monetization from 10,000 rabs = $10 U.S. to 1,000,000,000 rabs = $10 U.S. , this did upset a few users but more news was coming. A few weeks later, Rabadaba announced a daily contest which we didn't previously have. Now, you have the chance at being picked for the daily, live contest and the chance that one of your photos will win one of the $10, $7, $5 or multiple $1 prizes! Plus, every user picked for the live contest is given 10,000 rabs just for being selected.

Rabadaba Daily Contest, January 15, 2015. Copyright Rabadaba


   Rabadaba just asks that users refrain from nudity, vulgarity and you must post only photos that you have taken yourself! Art that you have created yourself. Please, don't go online and copy the photos or art of someone else and put it on a Rabadaba. 

One of my own recent photos on Rabadaba. Copyrighted, all rights Reserved.

  Rabadaba has also just started an affiliate program too! If you bring someone into Rabadaba with your affiliate link and they win something in the daily contest, you too will win something! So please, if you love photography and or art and want to enjoy some online time with like minded people, join me on Rabadaba! Here is my affiliate link for you to join me  I look forward to meeting you and seeing your photos and art on Rabadaba and hope you will enjoy your experience there as much as I am.

Christmas Memories 

Christmas at my childhood home was somewhat like living in a Christmas “museum.” I guess I should say our home looked a bit like a museum year round but living there 24/7, I didn’t see it that way. My mom was a collector of all things antique and she displayed them all over our first floor from the front door to the smallest details in the bathroom!

    At Christmas, the decor would change. Mom would hang Christmas balls from the ceiling in the family room with pins and ribbons. I thought it was really cheerful, not cheesy. We had white, electric candles in every window of the house. A large, fake but realistic tree was finally purchased in the late ’70’s to replace the very old bottle brush tree we had forever. For years we decorated the tree as a family. As a small child, we used tinsel and I loved it! So messy but so much fun, does anyone use tinsel anymore? I guess mom got tired of the mess as we switched to the tinsel that comes in a long boa type style that you wrap around the tree. We had balls of all sizes and colors, the small balls on the top, big balls on the bottom and of course a star or angel on the top! I, being the artist of the family, made an angel in school in 4th grade out of the plaster used for casts. Yes, the cast material for broken bones. That year and for years after, my angel graced the top of our Christmas tree! I also made a kissing ball in school, I’m not sure which year, it is about 6″ in diameter, bright red and lumpy with plastic mistletoe. That too came out ever year and hung in the family room. 

    Mom decided one year that we would all make homemade popcorn and cranberry strings to put on our tree. Wow, now that was way more work than I think even she imagined. She popped the corn without oil and had fresh cranberries. The four of us kids and mom sat night after night at the dinner table with needle and thread and threaded the popcorn and cranberries. It seemed to take forever. I have no idea how many feet we strung, I guess I should ask her if she knows, but our tree looked so beautiful after all that work. Mom had only white lights on the tree that year, I can’t recall if we had a certain color balls or just the usual mix. 

Christmas tree. Copyright LoloMarie 2016

      Mom decorated the fireplace mantel with fresh fir boughs, pine cones, ribbons, candles and Christmas balls. The railing coming down our stairs was always wrapped in plastic holly and lights. A huge wreath hung in our front living room window, lit with white lights. Red ribbons hung from our outside lights and the lantern light near the sidewalk. Christmas music filled the air when the tv wasn’t on and the smell of cookies was in the air from the beginning of December to Christmas. My mom made many different kinds of cookies and fudge that we kept in tins in the garage. The garage was cold enough to be a second “refrigerator”, keeping all the goodies fresh for weeks in the tins. When anyone stopped by to visit, one of us would just take a platter into the garage, open the tins and fill it with assorted goodies to share with the guests!

Springerle Cookie made by Mom 2016. Copyright LoloMarie

      We always had to wait for our parents to get up on Christmas morning before we went downstairs. For years, Christmas morning was a mad house. My dad got tired of everything being over in 5 minutes. He decided to change how Christmas was going to be handled so that it lasted ALL day long! My brother, the youngest, was only about six or seven at the time and very upset at the “new” rules. After mom and dad got up, we all went down to the family room and picked out one gift. Nobody was allowed to open the gift till dad was ready, then it would start with my brother. My brother would open his gift while we all watched, then the next in age, then the next and so on till everyone had opened their one gift while the others watched. When it was dads’ turn, he stalled and took his time to get my brother all frustrated. Then we ate breakfast! How hard do you think this was on four kids?  After breakfast we probably opened another gift each. I know it took ALL day to get through Christmas. My dad seemed to get the biggest kick out of his new rules that we did this every year after that.

    I always hoped for a white Christmas but it didn’t always happen. It was okay if it was the day after, probably even better as if it snowed on Christmas, our guests probably wouldn’t come to visit. We hosted Christmas every year at our house. My maternal grandparents, maternal Aunt and her family, a Great-great Uncle and my fathers’ cousin all showed up on Christmas. All the adults ate in the dining room and all us kids ate in the kitchen. I wanted for YEARS to eat at the adults table but when my time came, I decided I wanted to go back to the kids table as I missed my cousins! No goofing off at the adult table. Mom always made a ham, pineapple stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and my grandparents would bring their homemade date and nut bread. After dinner, everyone would sit in the living room and sing Christmas carols around the piano that one of us kids would play. We always sang the Twelve Days of Christmas and my grandmother always sang,”five golden rings” because she was always laughing and in the wrong place!

      It’s been thirty-three years since I had a Christmas with my loved ones but the memories are still as bright as if it was yesterday. My grandparents have passed, my father, my beloved Aunt, my father’s cousin and our Great-great Uncle are all in heaven now. I wish that my nephews and nieces could experience just one Christmas the way we did as children. Now we are spread miles apart, states apart and everyone has made new memories with their own families. 

      My brother no longer celebrates any holidays due to his religious beliefs of which I need to respect. Mom has remarried and I’m sure she’s still decorating her new home just as nicely as our old home. My older sister is now a doting grandmother, enjoying making new memories with her family. Me, I married someone who doesn’t like Christmas!

FireIce Glasswork— Your Invitation To~

Please enjoy this article from another blog by Reneem4

So on one of my recent trips to Cannon Beach, Oregon, I stopped in at FireIce Glassworks. Oh my gosh you guys, what an experience. As some of you may know I grew up going to Cannon Beach about once a year. I believe that I had been in FireIce before but it has been […]

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Catio (Cat Patio) – the Start — Hard-To-Come-By Lifestyle

Mocha the cat’s catio is now under way. This is the first time I have had an indoor cat. With eleven acres of forest it seems a shame to keep a cat indoors but it has now become a necessity with the increase of predators. The birds and squirrels will be pleased with the arrangement […]

via Catio (Cat Patio) – the Start — Hard-To-Come-By Lifestyle

This is a wonderful idea for those who have the room on their property!  I’m sure once Mocha gets a taste of the outdoors and sees the birds, he/she will spend most nice days outside! Can’t wait to see the finished results. 

My view and : USA Today: Trump: I’ll accept the election results — ‘if I win’

     I’m not one to post my political views but the upcoming election really does scare me. I watched all three debates and when Donald Trump brought up the Clinton campaign causing the issues at his rallies, he was correct. Just two days ago, my cousin had posted a 16 minute video on Facebook (click Undercover video)showing  people talking about paying people in every city/town that Trump was going to, healthy people,  crazy people,  mentally ill people,  all so they would disrupt the Trump campaign and make news.   Undercover video

       I’m still undecided just weeks from our election. I  personally wish there were two other choices! Both of our canididates have their pros/cons to becoming the next President of our country. When I see these two adults name calling and posturing,  it’s not Presidential,  it’s childish. He said, she said, they said…..blah, blah, blah!

    Trump’s a womanizer who talks like most red blooded American men. All the finger pointing at Trump. Hey, how many other men speak exactly like this but won’t admit it? As a woman, am I offended to hear what Trump has said? Honestly,  not really, I worked in a man’s world (working in pre-press for Gannett/USA Today) and heard stuff like this for 17 years. Now, if he truly acted or acts like this, shame on Mr. Trump! To stand there and say, “Nobody respects women more than I do” and then talk like this, no you don’t respect women more than anyone else.

       I really believe Mr. Trump does give women respect at times, he does hire women for his companies. I’ve seen a few who have been interviewed over the years and for that I do applaud him. The Trump children are level headed, well spoken and seemingly good kids, for that I applaud Mr. Trump and Ivanna.

  Hillary has her own issues, most of which I’m not as imformed about to write. Her email scandal and Bengazi. Should she be legally allowed to run? Is there some cover-up allowing her to run? I have no idea. Did she allow our men to die in Bengazi and they could have been saved? Again,  I have no idea, but these questions are in my mind as I  try to decide for myself who should be sitting in the White House. Did Hillary do wrong erasing all the emails? As someone who has been in litagation, I would think so! I don’t understand how one could go ahead and erase anything after getting a supnoea and get away with it! Why wasn’t she in contempt of court? Why wasn’t she ordered to pay something or given jail time for contempt of court? If you or I had done anything like that, you betcha we wouldn’t walk away free! 

    The Clinton’s have raised Chelsea as well as the Trump’s have raised their children so for both families,  I  like their children.  If Hillary becomes President,  we are actually getting a two for one since Bill was already there. The Clinton White House wasn’t so bad, at least we know what we’re getting! I pretty much know that Hillary won’t be using the nuclear code. Trump on the other hand losses his temper so quickly,  that makes my hair stand up thinking what he might do. 

    Roe vs. Wade – I totally agreed with Trump that a child should not be torn from the womb just weeks or days from birth. Can Roe vs. Wade be overturned so many years later? The right to life and the right of a woman to do as she wishes with her body is such a personal and sticky issue. As a born again Christian,  I have always been for the right for life. I  believe life begins at conception.  I have seen the photos, etc.  of abortions. I have very mixed emotions though on the rights of abortion. It’s not for me personally but do I  have the right to force my beliefs on someone else? I  think I  can talk to someone if they ask for my opinion but I  don’t feel it’s my right to force my beliefs on another. I believe there are times an abortion may be necessary like rape, extreme birth defects like missing brains, the life of the mother is in danger. I don’t like abortion,  it’s a terrible way of ending life. Chopping a live baby into pieces inside a woman is horrific. On the other hand, if abortion is once again banned, I know that they will still be performed in underground chop shops and many healthy woman will die or be so mamed as to never get pregnant again. We need to keep Planned Parenthood. The ignorant think it only promotes abortions!  Planned Parenthood actually helped my spouse and I a lot before we married in a refresher on types of contraception and provided for us. They assist a lot of people with birth control and they are a wonderful place for the uninformed to get sex education. 

   So, as these last few weeks of October come to an end and the election draws near, each one of us needs to really take a good look at the candidates and truly decide who is right to lead us these next four years? Will it be Trump, Clinton or will there be a surprise write in vote that nobody sees coming?

    From USA Today

Trump: I’ll accept the election results — ‘if I win’

LAS VEGAS — The presidential candidates ended their series of three debates with one candidate questioning the very legitimacy of the election should he lose.Donald Trump on Thursday mocked critics of his refusal during the debate to commit to honoring the election outcome, joking to supporters in Ohio that he will “totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win.”Maintaining his claims that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the “dishonest media” are conspiring to “rig” the election against him through vote fraud and biased reporting, Trump told supporters in Delaware, Ohio, that “we want fairness in the election. … Don’t be naïve, folks. Don’t be naïve.”

USA Today: Snow boots or sandals? What’s up for winter

From USA Today

Snow boots or sandals? What’s up for winter

Whether you’ll experience a dry, mild winter or a wet, cold one will be all about the seesaw dance of warmer and cooler seawater in the tropical Pacific Ocean that produces the climate effects known as El Niño and La Niña, government forecasters said Thursday.This year a dry, mild winter is likely across most of the southern U.S., thanks to a developing La Niña, but the northern tier of the nation could get walloped by a colder and wetter winter, the forecasters said.Another winter forecast, released this week by the private firm Atmospheric and Environmental Research, said colder than normal temperatures are expected for much of the eastern U.S. and warmer than normal temperatures are likely in the West.

Pink Rose, What it Means to Me

​This pink rose is a symbol to me of a mother, a mother who gave me life. A mother who once lived and thrived and was as gorgeous as this rose. A mother whose favorite flower was the rose. 

She was happily married and had two young children,  myself being the youngest at just six months of age or so when she got the news, breast cancer.  

Christmas 1963, my mother’s last Christmas with us. I’m on her lap. She died 10 months later.

The first doctor that she saw didn’t take things seriously and by the time my grandfather took her to a different doctor, it was too late. She had surgery and radiation.  She had radiation burns. Mom left us no letters to read when we grew up, no earth shattering revolations like you see in the movies.

My mother didn’t make it and like the rose, she began to whilt and fade until one day she was gone. She had her time to be bright, brilliant and beautiful and then she faded, not to be enjoyed by anyone again.  No more laughter, no more tears, no more hugs and kisses, only a cemetery and a stone are left.
She’s a memory,  not my memory,  I was too young, age 2 when she faded. She died at the end of September and was buried October 1st, her ninth wedding anniversary. 

I’m glad October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as it makes me feel like everyone,  somehow knows about and is celebrating the life of my mother.

In memory of my mother, Jane Louise, the most beautiful woman I wish I knew.

The Rose, God’s Perfection 

​This one, simple, beautiful, white, pure rose is almost perfect! Just look at this rose, blooming for just a few short days, bringing joy to all the people who view it, feeding bees, insects and birds who are lucky enough to find it.  It is fragrant, pleasing to both the nose and the eye. In a few short days, it will begin to whither, wilt and fade away. 

Photo Copyright Worldwide LoloMarie 2016

It won’t be finished for if it is left on the plant, a rose hip full of vitamin C will develop. (Never use rose hips from plants that have been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizer )

 How marvelous is the rose?

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