The Terrible Way TSU Ended

     I was a TSU user for almost two years when it suddenly went dark. It appeared it just went dark to make updates but then after it didn’t come back up, the buzzing began! Users started gathering on Facebook to find each other. Finally,  TSU posted that they were finished, final, done, kaput! We were a group of emotions from sad, angry, some even cried. Yes, cried because we were all holding a bank of money we were making on tsu along with beautiful friendships! Nobody knew if they were going to get paid or if they would find their much loved friends from the web again.  

    You had to have $100 to cash out on tsu, I only had $14 so I wasn’t so worried. If tsu had given us notice of closing,  many of us would have gladly have given our earnings to other users closer to $100 or the many charities on tsu. Only those with $100 or more received a check after tsu closed.  

   For all that reorganized on Facebook,  many were still missing and Facebook is no tsu! Tsu was special,  a place like no other online. A place for photographers and artists to share their works with each other and to share their knowledge.  We earned money by sharing,  but most of us soon didn’t care so much about that, we cared about our friendships, our knowledgeable friends who actually spoke the same language and shared the same passions. What were we going to do? We floundered for days, people posted their frustrations about how tsu handled or should I say, didn’t handle the way they shut us out. With warning, we could have also asked each other for contact information!  We all felt as if our big, wonderful family had been ripped from our hearts. 

    Within weeks, previous tsu members began to post about new sites they were beginning to find and try; Empowr, Rabadaba, Click n Snap and so on. Our once happy family was being torn in all directions.  At least people were still coming back to the tsu veterans Facebook page to post as well as to say which sites they were going to and what they thought of each. 

   I tried Empowr for less than a week and got out of there ASAP!  I signed up for Click a Snap and still have an account but I haven’t posted more than one or two photos there. I found the site closest to tsu is Rabadaba. I’m going to write a separate blog about Rabadaba. 

    I’m still angry with tsu, not over losing my earnings, but about MY images! I own the rights to every image that I  uploaded to tsu. They eventually had a post saying that users were going to be able to get back online to retrieve their images but I’ve never been able to do this. Where are my photographs?  Who has them? What will happen to them? At least I had watermarked all of them but it’s still a matter of principal. I have never been compensated in any way yet ALL my photography is missing! 

    Maybe I’m a fool for ever joining another site even similar to tsu? I  have to believe that there is still good left in humanity. I  know there is because every one of my tsu friends showed me there is!


2 thoughts on “The Terrible Way TSU Ended

  1. Not a fool for trying to find something new. I very much agree how they ended was wrong. I would have loved to be able to connect with a few more people. In fact there are still several that I am searching for. I tried Rabadaba several months before Tsu shut down. I had nearly given up on it when Tsu went dark. Trying to get my head around using it again. I have heard though that they have had several updates and that it is much better now. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it as well.

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  2. Hey, we’re sorry to hear about your experience on empowr. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to us!


    empowr support team


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