My view and : USA Today: Trump: I’ll accept the election results — ‘if I win’

     I’m not one to post my political views but the upcoming election really does scare me. I watched all three debates and when Donald Trump brought up the Clinton campaign causing the issues at his rallies, he was correct. Just two days ago, my cousin had posted a 16 minute video on Facebook (click Undercover video)showing  people talking about paying people in every city/town that Trump was going to, healthy people,  crazy people,  mentally ill people,  all so they would disrupt the Trump campaign and make news.   Undercover video

       I’m still undecided just weeks from our election. I  personally wish there were two other choices! Both of our canididates have their pros/cons to becoming the next President of our country. When I see these two adults name calling and posturing,  it’s not Presidential,  it’s childish. He said, she said, they said…..blah, blah, blah!

    Trump’s a womanizer who talks like most red blooded American men. All the finger pointing at Trump. Hey, how many other men speak exactly like this but won’t admit it? As a woman, am I offended to hear what Trump has said? Honestly,  not really, I worked in a man’s world (working in pre-press for Gannett/USA Today) and heard stuff like this for 17 years. Now, if he truly acted or acts like this, shame on Mr. Trump! To stand there and say, “Nobody respects women more than I do” and then talk like this, no you don’t respect women more than anyone else.

       I really believe Mr. Trump does give women respect at times, he does hire women for his companies. I’ve seen a few who have been interviewed over the years and for that I do applaud him. The Trump children are level headed, well spoken and seemingly good kids, for that I applaud Mr. Trump and Ivanna.

  Hillary has her own issues, most of which I’m not as imformed about to write. Her email scandal and Bengazi. Should she be legally allowed to run? Is there some cover-up allowing her to run? I have no idea. Did she allow our men to die in Bengazi and they could have been saved? Again,  I have no idea, but these questions are in my mind as I  try to decide for myself who should be sitting in the White House. Did Hillary do wrong erasing all the emails? As someone who has been in litagation, I would think so! I don’t understand how one could go ahead and erase anything after getting a supnoea and get away with it! Why wasn’t she in contempt of court? Why wasn’t she ordered to pay something or given jail time for contempt of court? If you or I had done anything like that, you betcha we wouldn’t walk away free! 

    The Clinton’s have raised Chelsea as well as the Trump’s have raised their children so for both families,  I  like their children.  If Hillary becomes President,  we are actually getting a two for one since Bill was already there. The Clinton White House wasn’t so bad, at least we know what we’re getting! I pretty much know that Hillary won’t be using the nuclear code. Trump on the other hand losses his temper so quickly,  that makes my hair stand up thinking what he might do. 

    Roe vs. Wade – I totally agreed with Trump that a child should not be torn from the womb just weeks or days from birth. Can Roe vs. Wade be overturned so many years later? The right to life and the right of a woman to do as she wishes with her body is such a personal and sticky issue. As a born again Christian,  I have always been for the right for life. I  believe life begins at conception.  I have seen the photos, etc.  of abortions. I have very mixed emotions though on the rights of abortion. It’s not for me personally but do I  have the right to force my beliefs on someone else? I  think I  can talk to someone if they ask for my opinion but I  don’t feel it’s my right to force my beliefs on another. I believe there are times an abortion may be necessary like rape, extreme birth defects like missing brains, the life of the mother is in danger. I don’t like abortion,  it’s a terrible way of ending life. Chopping a live baby into pieces inside a woman is horrific. On the other hand, if abortion is once again banned, I know that they will still be performed in underground chop shops and many healthy woman will die or be so mamed as to never get pregnant again. We need to keep Planned Parenthood. The ignorant think it only promotes abortions!  Planned Parenthood actually helped my spouse and I a lot before we married in a refresher on types of contraception and provided for us. They assist a lot of people with birth control and they are a wonderful place for the uninformed to get sex education. 

   So, as these last few weeks of October come to an end and the election draws near, each one of us needs to really take a good look at the candidates and truly decide who is right to lead us these next four years? Will it be Trump, Clinton or will there be a surprise write in vote that nobody sees coming?

    From USA Today

Trump: I’ll accept the election results — ‘if I win’

LAS VEGAS — The presidential candidates ended their series of three debates with one candidate questioning the very legitimacy of the election should he lose.Donald Trump on Thursday mocked critics of his refusal during the debate to commit to honoring the election outcome, joking to supporters in Ohio that he will “totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win.”Maintaining his claims that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the “dishonest media” are conspiring to “rig” the election against him through vote fraud and biased reporting, Trump told supporters in Delaware, Ohio, that “we want fairness in the election. … Don’t be naïve, folks. Don’t be naïve.”


One thought on “My view and : USA Today: Trump: I’ll accept the election results — ‘if I win’

  1. I agree with what you say here. I dont like talking politics in public forums but honestly this election is freaky. I really appreciate you talking about your beliefs as a born again Christian. I am one as well and tonight that reminded me that I really need to be praying about who He wants me to vote for and for the country. I feel strongly about abortion as well and really struggle with where the line is. I dont feel it is right for me to force my beliefs on others either. God gave me the choice to follow or not. He gives the same to others as well. Such deep divides make me so sad. All that said thank you.


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