What is Rabadaba?

What is Rabadaba? 

If you would like to join:   http://www.rabadaba.com/welcome/LoloMarie

Rabadaba is a social site geared toward photography and art. A site where you can upload and share your original photos or photos of your original artwork so others who are like minded can view your work, enjoy it, comment and share it to their own page. 
 Rabadaba pays users "money" in "rabs", that's the term of their monetization system. When I joined, you only needed 10,000 rabs to earn $10 U.S. but Rabadaba made major changes around December 2016. Rabadaba changed the monetization from 10,000 rabs = $10 U.S. to 1,000,000,000 rabs = $10 U.S. , this did upset a few users but more news was coming. A few weeks later, Rabadaba announced a daily contest which we didn't previously have. Now, you have the chance at being picked for the daily, live contest and the chance that one of your photos will win one of the $10, $7, $5 or multiple $1 prizes! Plus, every user picked for the live contest is given 10,000 rabs just for being selected.

Rabadaba Daily Contest, January 15, 2015. Copyright Rabadaba


   Rabadaba just asks that users refrain from nudity, vulgarity and you must post only photos that you have taken yourself! Art that you have created yourself. Please, don't go online and copy the photos or art of someone else and put it on a Rabadaba. 

One of my own recent photos on Rabadaba. Copyrighted, all rights Reserved.

  Rabadaba has also just started an affiliate program too! If you bring someone into Rabadaba with your affiliate link and they win something in the daily contest, you too will win something! So please, if you love photography and or art and want to enjoy some online time with like minded people, join me on Rabadaba! Here is my affiliate link for you to join me http://www.rabadaba.com/welcome/LoloMarie  I look forward to meeting you and seeing your photos and art on Rabadaba and hope you will enjoy your experience there as much as I am.

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